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Creative Skillset : Sound design, music production, composition, mixing and mastering, soundcheck

Administrative Skillset : Organization, communication, planning, scheduling, team coordination

Born in 1996, Lunar Gala is an annual student-run fashion show that showcases brilliant artistry in design, modeling, production, and dance performance. It is also the largest fashion event in Pittsburgh, with over 1,000+ attendees yearly. 


I have had the opportunity to work as both a sound designer and as the head of sound for Lunar Gala, helping create various pieces of original music for the production. Aside from sound, I also walked for the 2024 show as a model. 

I am currently an Executive Producer for Lunar Gala 2025 ... more to come soon.


Lunar Gala 2024      |      L I M I N A L

Duration     |     September 2023 - March 2024, 7 months 

Roles     |     Head of Sound Design, Sound Designer, Model

Deliverables     |     Runway Soundtracks, Promotion Soundtracks

Visual by Katherine M. W | Piano and Vocals by Katherine M . W

Genres / Inspiration : Cinematic, Orchestral, Ambient

Shot by Peiran Ge

Video Edited by Katherine M. W | Motion Graphics by Mason Wang

Genres / Inspirations : Carnatic, Filmi, Electronic

Shot by Peiran Ge

Clothing Designed by Sueah Kim | Motion Graphics by Shannon Lin

Genres / Inspirations : RnB, Pop, Dance Pop

Clothing Designed by Camellia Wang & Lily Du | Video by Peiran Ge

Genre / Inspirations : Jazz, Blues


Lunar Gala 2023      |      MORII

Duration     |     November 2022 - March 2023, 5 months 

Roles     |     Sound Designer

Deliverables     |     Runway Soundtracks, Promotion Soundtracks

Clothing Designed by Gwendolyn Toll

Genre / Inspirations : Flamenco, Latin Pop

Clothing Designed by Audrey Zhao, Joanna Ni, Leslie Lin, Mason Wang

Genre / Inspirations : Guoyue, Instrumental, Japanese Rock

Clothing deigned by Isabella Boleng

Genre / Inspirations : Orchestral, Ambient

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