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My name is Katherine M. W, and I am a music producer, composer, and sound designer passionate about creating music that enhances storytelling, while immersing listeners into surreal sound-worlds. Previously, I studied piano performance at the Juilliard Pre-College Division, and I am currently an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University studying Electronic Music Production, and Business Administration. Right now, I am looking for roles in music production, or in music industry administration. In my free time, you can find me painting, making short films, and binging movies.

Produced by Katherine M. W

Please feel free to reach out to work together; let's create something surreal...

PHONE : 203-767-1476     |     EMAIL :

Software: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, AVID Pro-tools, AVID Sibelius, Max MSP, Adobe Premier Pro
Skills: Music production, songwriting (melody, lyrics, arrangement), classical and electronic composition, audio recording and editing, mixing and mastering, composition for film and visual media, sound design, piano and vocal performance.


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